If you see a loris illegally offered on a market, please consider the following facts:

For each animal bought, the next wild loris will be caught, or a loris mother be killed and her infant taken away from her. Most loris forms are increasingly endangered in the wild, and since they get few babies which are carefully reared over long periods, losses due to hunting and trade increasingly threaten wild populations.
Trade with these sensitive animals who easily die from stress is a cruelty. Please also think about the fact that wild animals in captivity cannot choose the place and companions they need for a satisfactory life, and that their senses are much finer than human ones: they will perceive, and suffer from, things you do not even notice. Lorises and pottos are adapted to free life in the nocturnal forest. In captivity, they will suffer and most probably die an early and unpleasant death from stress, painful diseases caused by wrong feeding or accidents in an inadequate environment. And they often die a long, agonizing death, suffering for weeks or even months.
Lorises permanently urinemark their environment. In addition, they may be dangerous pets. They can bite fiercely when feeling disturbed, and they produce a toxin which in humans may cause severe to fatal anaphylactic shock.  
Since lorises and pottos are threatened and protected animals, buying them and keeping them as pets is illegal in almost all countries, often with very high fines. 
Please do not buy lorises as pets!
Do not support poaching and the cruelty of illegal trade!
[from Loris Conservation website : http://www.loris-conservation.org/]
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    Dont support exotic pets or the morons who promote then eh
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